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Sept. 29

7:00 PM

Homegrown Chef Featuring

Chef Edward Villarreal


TH-G Underground



Intentional Trance – Amuse Bouche
Roasted Fig Crostini, Fried Manchego, Jamón Serrano, Black Pepper Vanilla 

Balsamic Reduction


*Hypnogogia – First Course
Citrus-Cured Smoked Scallop and Shrimp Ceviche, Plantain Chips, Achiote Oil, Micro Cilantro, Lime Caviar


The Lucid Dream – Second Course

Country Fried Quail and Duck Fat Watercress Biscuits, 
Black Pepper Truffle Country Gravy with Spanish Chorizo


REM – Third Course

Pan-Roasted Beef Filet, Red Onion Balsamic Jam, Butter-Browned Cauliflower Gnocchi,
Huitlacoche Demi, Seared Foie Gras


La Siesta – Dessert Course
Morbier Bacon Apple Pie Crumble, Rum Raisins



Coffee by Pulp




Tasty Morsels

Mid-Meal Nibbles



Mocktails by dab

Location: Northside, San Antonio (Location to be Announced to Guests Only)


Note: We are not providing alcoholic drinks so as not to inhibit the full experience of the meal, however, you are welcome to BYOB.


*Hypnogogia are the experiences during the process of falling asleep, such as vivid impressions, visions, voices, or tactile sensations.

Sold Out!
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